The aim of the course is for students to acquire knowledge of the grammatical system of the English language. The course is based on the concept of structurally functional grammar and contemporary approach of the complex interconnections of morphology and syntax. The course brings   characteristics of the parts of speech, grammatical categories of verbs, nouns and adjectives and their morphological and syntactic properties. Part of the description of the grammatical system are syntactic and semantic functions that characterize parts of speech - their structural and semantic integration into nominal, adjectival, adverbial, verbal and prepositional phrases. To ensure a smooth transition from morphology to the syntax of the English language the course discusses the structure of English sentences explaining the character of individual sentence elements and their possible realisations and semantic functions. Simple phrases and sentences and their types will be defined, within complex sentences the attention is paid to the logico-semantic relations between clauses. The course also examines the inclusion of phrases into text units, focusing on cohesion and coherence of the text while the attention is also paid to functional sentence perspective.